full-field digital mammography unit

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full-field digital mammography unit full-field digital mammography unit - BTX-9800D


  • Mammography type:

    full-field digital


The features of mammography machine:

The machine is integrating designed,with beautiful appearance,manual operation,convenient operation and use;
Use the most popular keyboard,Optical mouse operation;
large screen high resolution colorful display,low radiation,clear and bright image.

1 High-definition and colorful display
2 Multiple function and easy operation
3 Radiationless,no-invasive,long life-time
4 Mouse action,convenient operation


1 Detect galactocele accurately;
2 Detect intraductal papilloma;
3 Detect mammary duct ectasia and acute mastitis:
4 Detect proliferation of mammary gland and breast cancer.

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