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2-channel infusion pump / PCA
BodyGuard 121 Twins

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2-channel infusion pump 2-channel infusion pump - BodyGuard 121 Twins


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The BodyGuard 121 Twins infusion pump is universally used for two-channel infusion therapy in both the hospital and home environment. The construction of the device ensures outstanding linearity and easy handling.

Mobile two-channel infusion therapy Because of the simultaneous application of two infusion solutions, complex therapies and new treatment approaches are possible with a mobile infusion pump.

Additional safety due to key-and-lock principle The rising complexity of therapies can lead to increased error rates. Therefore, the BodyGuard 121 Twins infusion pump and TW2010 Sets are equipped with an elaborate key-and-lock principle which creates additional safety for patient and user. This can be achieved due to the combination of two features: a safety adapter which is mounted in the doors of the pump and which limits the operation of the particular channel to appropriate equipped TW2010 Sets as well as a big key on the TW2010/5 Set which can only be inserted into the pump if the safety adapter is removed. Consequently, set mix-ups and the operation of an "inappropriate" TW2010 Set in a not according to the therapy adjusted channel can be prevented.

Cost savings and weight reduction The use of only one mobile infusion pump with a double lumen set leads to cost savings compared to a therapy with two infusion pumps and two sets. In comparison to the use of two pumps there is also a weight reduction of almost 50%.

Outstanding linearity The infusion pump administers continuously with outstanding linearity on both channels. The accuracy is +/- 5%.

Easy to operate The menu navigation and key layout make operating the pump easy and safe.