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biopsy needle / semi-automatic

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biopsy needle / semi-automatic biopsy needle / semi-automatic - ASEPT®


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The semi-automatic ASEPT® Safety-Biopsy-System is intended to be used for soft tissue and tumor biopsy.

Unique Safety mechanism The unique safety mechanism of the ASEPT® Safety-Biopsy-System prevents the user from needle-stick injuries and reduces the risk of infection.

Additional Finger Guard The additional Finger Guard simplifies the introduction of the biopsy needle by its funnel-shaped design while protecting the clinicians' fingers from a needle-stick.

Ring markings The circular depth markings on the biopsy needle and the coaxial needle provide accurate placement of the devices.

Multiple biopsies With the coaxial needle, included in the set or separately available, multiple biopsies can be easily performed.

Single-hand operation with optimized release force The release force is optimized to hinder unintentional use of the biopsy needle.