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Pharmacount 120, Pharmacount 180, Pharmacount 240



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    for tablets

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Electronic Tablet Counter for Pharmaceutical Tablet Packaging Operations
The Pharmacount 120/180/240 systems combine proven product feed technology with the latest in electronic controls and infrared count heads for extreme accuracy.
Pharmacount 120, 180, 240 Features Include:
Speeds up to 200 bottles per minute
Contact parts are designed to be easily removed without the requirement for any tools.
High speed infrared sensors scanning at 34,000 times per second for high accuracy counting of all tablets and capsules as well as transparent soft and hard gelatine capsules.
Integrated chip and dust extraction system

Designed to Achieve Optimum Product Control and Speed
Using format free vibratory product feed trays the optimum product control and speed is achieved as product is regulated accurately and consistently by the hopper tray sensors which continually monitor the product levels in the feed trays and switch the hopper feeder on and off accordingly. Every element of the feed system can be individually controlled to allow perfect set up every time.