NIR spectrometer / for the pharmaceutical industry / for powder handling



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, for powder handling

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,900 nm

    Min.: 1,000 nm


The PT-IM100 Represents an Innovative, Reliable and Flexible Analyzer for the Identification of Incoming Raw Materials According to EP

The PT-IM100 represents an innovative, reliable and flexible analyzer for the identification of incoming raw materials according to EP , The Qualification of Solid dosage Forms and Creams.

As the method uses a simple Photometric procedure, this results in low cost per analysis methodology for product identification and fingerprinting. There is added security in the fact that identified materials can be authenticated against a reference material list as well as a known reference sample.

For the materials under investigation, you can install a reference library of relevant substances. This guarantees the accurate analysis of incoming raw bulk materials, herbal extracts, raw API materials, orthomolecular substances as well as cream and ointment excipients.