gauze swab / sterile / cotton
Vilowond Gauze



  • Type:

    gauze swab

  • Option:

    sterile, cotton


Vilowond® Gauze is a soft, absorbent and air-permeable 100% cotton gauze. It’s made of 17 threads per gauze complying with the European Pharmacopoeia.
Vilowond Gauze is available as 8 ply dressing, in a wide variety of sizes, sterile and non-sterile versions.

Hydrophilic providing fast-wicking action and excellent absorbency.
Superior aeration and reduced risk of maceration.
Balanced combination of softness and abrasive texture.
Folded edges preventing fiber shedding and fraying.
Low fiber release reducing the risk of wound contamination.
Can be sterilized.

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