laboratory freezer / for biobanks / cabinet / chest



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for biobanks

  • Configuration:

    cabinet, chest

  • Other characteristics:

    ultra low-temperature, cryogenic, 1-door

  • Capacity:

    128 l (33.8 gal)

  • Temperature range:

    -150 °C (-238 °F)


The Cryogenic MDF-1156(ATN)-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is a mechanically refrigerated cryogenic freezer without harmful CFCs. This Ultra Low Temperature Freezer achieves stable long-term preservation of cells and tissues. New VIP PLUS technology maximizes storage capacity over conventionally insulated models. The Cryogenic MDF-1156(ATN)-PE Ultra Low Temperature conservation system employs advanced technology to insure a high precision temperature environment. Specially designed compressor and cascade refrigeration system for an ultra-low temperature of -152ºC Highly efficient compressors have been specially developed and incorporated in the freezing unit. With a powerful low noise design afforded by traditional ultra-low temperature technology, this freezer delivers durable, stable cooling. The MDF-1156ATN-PE has a LN2 back up system as standard. Benefits Safe and Convenient Usability. Specially designed cascade refrigeration system. LN2-back up (ATN version only). Low operational costs. LN2 Cost Savings. No liquid supply problems. No danger of sudden liquid eruptions. Compressors are specifically designed for refrigeration systems that achieve ultra low temperatures

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