dental examination lamp / veterinary / LED / wall-mounted
ATO ML1000



  • Applications:

    dental, veterinary

  • Light source:


  • Configuration:

    wall-mounted, modular, floor-standing, ceiling-mounted, on casters

  • Other characteristics:


  • Intensity at 1 m:

    Max.: 100,000 lx

    100,000 lx

    Min.: 100,000 lx


Optimal illumination over various working distances
Neutral, white light (4.500 K)
Brightness control integrated into handle
LED brightness indicator on handle and lamp
Best hygienic protection
Available with mobile stand, ceiling and wall mount

Product details
The LED minor surgical light ATO ML 1000 stands out in the market due to the impressive light quality over a long working distance. Therefore it is perfectly suitable for minor surgical procedures at practitioners, clinics and hospitals. The whole ATO product family is characterized by modern design, best light characteristics, compact size and intuitive handling.

Highlight of this surgical light is the optic, instead of reflectors the light is directly guided and focused on the object of investigation. Thus, various working distances are are enabled without the need to refocus the light field for a homogenous light field.

The flawless design simplifies cleaning after every prodecure, hence reducing preparation time of the room for the next patient.

Fields of application

– Doctor’s practices
– Clinics and hospitals
– Medical supply centers
– Oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as implantology (no dental light)
– Usable in room classes 0, 1 and 2