CBCT scanner / for joint tomography / 16-slice / compact



  • System:

    CBCT scanner

  • Application:

    for joint tomography

  • Number of slices:


  • Options:

    compact, mobile


Planmed Verity uses the technology called Cone Beam Computer Tomography which provides high resolution 3D images at a specifically low does of its extremities. It is a stand-alone, compact, and mobile.

The device can fit any X-ray room and can be located easily even when side by side with other equipment for imaging. It has soft and adjustable gantry and dedicated trays for patient positioning to provide optimized and versatile patient comfort.

Planmed Verity provides volumetric imaging together with multi-planar reconstruction as well as volume rendering to allow optimal visualization of deformations and fractures. It uses superior isotropic resolution up to 0.2 mm yet comes with an optional high resolution mode of 0.1 mm. It can carry a dose up to 10 times much lower compared to other extremity imaging protocols that uses conventional MDCT or the Multi Detector Computed Tomography technology.