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adult heel pad adult heel pad


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Simple, cheap and effective cork heel lifts. Ideal for leg length discrepancies and Achilles tendonitis treatments. Can be placed either under or above the insole depending on footwear type. Lifts can be simply glued together to build up to the required elevation.

Cork is an attractive material for certain types of in-shoe lifts, as it is inexpensive and lightweight, and does not crush much. Cork lifts are available in a wide range of sizes and heights, and typically are covered with a leather or vinyl surface to protect the cork against abrasion and increase their life.

Cork lifts are a particularly good alternative for ladies dress shoes, due to their light weight.

Cork heel lifts can be placed above or under the insole or heel pad of the shoe. Placing a firm lift under the insole means that your foot rests on the same amount of cushioning as in the unmodified shoe – the lift simply adds height, rather than bounce. This is particularly important for leg length compensation, where a lift is used in only one shoe – with a firm lift placed under the insole, both shoes will feel alike.