breast implant / anatomical / round / silicone gel

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breast implant breast implant - B-Lite®


  • Area of the body:


  • Implant shape:

    anatomical, round

  • Implant material:

    silicone gel


B-Lite® Lightweight Breast Implants
The New Power Brand of POLYTECH
Developed to overcome the limitations of traditional breast implants by considerably reducing gravitational stress, B-Lite® applies groundbreaking technology, combining well known and clinically proven materials in an innovative way to provide natural fullness, feel and strength with a significantly lighter implant weight.

Once patients hold the B-Lite® implant during pre-op consultation, the intuitive understanding of the benefits related to the reduced weight empowers them to seek B-Lite®.

B-Lite® implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to accommodate the wide variety of patient needs and preferences.

Lightness you can feel
The significant weight reduction is achieved through the unique and proprietary B-Lite® gel, a microsphere-enhanced cohesive implantable-grade silicone gel. The microspheres are inert, ultra-high purity, hollow, borosilicate microspheres that are broadly used in space technology as a lightweight yet robust solution. Microspheres are used and approved in numerous clinical applications.(1)

The B-Lite® microspheres are permanently bonded within the surrounding cohesive silicone gel. By employing selective spatial positioning and by chemically bonding the microspheres to the gel network, less silicone gel is required and extra reinforcement is achieved. Even in the unlikely event of rupture, the microspheres are designed to remain bound within the gel.(1)