breast implant / anatomical / silicone gel
DiagonGel® 4Two AO

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breast implant / anatomical / silicone gel breast implant / anatomical / silicone gel - DiagonGel® 4Two AO


  • Area of the body:


  • Implant shape:


  • Implant material:

    silicone gel


The DiagonGel 4Two implants are made with oval and round bases and with round or anatomical profiles depending on your preference. These are made with anatomical-round, anatomical-oval and traditional round setups. These are made with two projections and can use Polytxt or Microthane materials. These can use a gel that is added at the rear to make this fit around the rib cage or a firm option at the front to create a push-up support system. This can also work with positioning the nipples right without forcing any pointing. This uses an angle of close to 90 degrees at the tapered edges to keep dead space from being prominent. As a result, the potential for seroma and rotation are heavily reduced. These will also stay in place so dislocation will keep from being a burden.