dryer for the pharmaceutical industry / laboratory / sterile / for washing
Lab MSR™



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory, R&D, for filtration, for washing, sterile, for small-scale production


PSL’s MSR™ (MicroSphere Refiner) technology has been designed to meet lab-scale to commercial production requirements overcoming inherent challenges with traditional manufacturing methods of sieving and drying operations such as mesh blocking, poor particle size distribution, lengthy drying time, low yield and sterility issues.

The MSR™ range is an award winner, allowing for the sterile filtration, classification, drying and harvesting of polymeric microspheres used as drug delivery devices such as PLA, PLGA or PMMA capsules.

MSR for R&D to Small-scale Microsphere Formulation allow for high performance production of 50grams up to 5kgs of microsphere drug delivery devices.

MSR benefits
Optimum filtration
Reduced drying time
CIP and SIP capabilities
Improved drainability
Designed for aseptic processes
In-situ sterile sampling
Optimum discharge recovery up to 98% of final product
Batch consistency and process repeatability