dryer for the pharmaceutical industry / sterile / for large-scale production
Large Scale MSR™



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, sterile, for large-scale production


The large-scale MSR™ is an award-winning system allowing for the sterile filtration, removal of fines, classification, drying and harvesting of polymeric microspheres used as drug delivery devices such as PLA, PLGA or PMMA capsules.

MSR for commercial manufacturing scale allow for high performance production of 5kgs up to 30kgs of microsphere drug delivery devices. When necessary we provide a scalping filter to remove the oversize microspheres before the MicroSphere Refiner to remove the fine particles and dry at low temperature or using cryogenic process. The equipment is using Steam-In-Place sterilisation and a unique discharge method to maintain the sterility envelop throughout the process and during harvesting of the dried microspheres.

In-line aseptic sampling and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) are available to analyse and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of critical process parameters. Thanks to our expertise, PSL can provide the entire process line with process skids, modular process system contained with individual frame for each process equipment and dedicated software and HMI/PLC systems.

MSR benefits
Particle classification
SIP and CIP capabilities
Removing of fines
Unique off-loading designs
Integrated Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
Full process turnkey solution
Unique agitator design