containment isolator / for powder handling / for active pharmaceutical ingredients / for cytotoxics



  • Applications:

    for active pharmaceutical ingredients, for cytotoxics, containment, sampling, for powder handling, synthesis, drying, for filtration

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    glove box, stainless steel, negative pressure, with HEPA filter


Our exclusive FilterBox technology is the optimum contained filtration and drying solution for handling highly potent APIs and other highly active or cytotoxic compounds in the safest manner.

The FilterBox is a unique high containment isolator that provides fully contained filtration, drying, charging, sampling, discharging, base-opening and cleaning, as well as filter mesh inspection and changing.

PSL’s FilterBox provides the highest contained filtration and drying solution to nanogram levels containment performance.

PSL’s FilterBox is an acrylic or stainless steel glove box isolator surrounding small to pilot-scale nutsche filter dryer such as the PSL’s GFD® or PSL’s Filter Dryer.

FilterBox benefits
cGMP Documentation
High yield
Fully contained powder handling system
Enhanced containment and cleaning
Complete disassembly of the ANFD in contained environment for cleaning and basic maintenance
More compact design: reducing floor space requirement and impact on plant design
Nitrogen purge system
Assured containment to nanogram levels
External agitator drive
Direct scale-up from small scale synthesis to production