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obstetric examination software module / management / diagnostic / sharing



  • Function:

    management, diagnostic, sharing, scheduling, billing, tracking

  • Application domain:

    EHR, for obstetric examinations



Start with a comprehensive OB/GYN template library for H&P, Consultations, Obstetrics / Prenatal tracking, Well Woman Exams, Pre and Post Procedure Forms, Follow-up Exams, Referral Letters, etc.
Comprehensive OB “Smart Form” charts complete pregnancy with convenient prenatal spreadsheet
Use your own favorite forms within the system.
Modify and customize forms and templates to meet your needs.
Track and trend your vital information including Vital Signs, BMI, Lipids, Lab values, etc.
Integrate digital ECG, Holter and Spirometry directly into the patient’s chart.
Seamless data integration from diagnosis and treatment to billing & scheduling.
Customizable Treatment Plans automate a combination of common tasks by diagnosis.
Dragon Medical voice recognition can be used to document within templates and forms.
Lab data automatically populates spreadsheet within the patient’s chart via the HL7 interface.
Share selected data with patients through the Patient Portal
Built-in interface with Labs (HL7)
OB/GYN Specific Physical Exam Forms
Smart OB Form for Ongoing Documentation
OB/GYN Flow Charts
OB/GYN Template Library
Ultrasound and Imaging Integration
Patient Portal for patient and referring physician