laboratory sample preparation system / automated / homogenization / compact



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Revolutionary homogenizing product in sample prep
Fully Automated System
Mechanical Homogenizing
Ultrasonic Homogenizing/ Sonication
Quiet, compact, and time-saving system
Store up to 10 different programs
Two optional rinse cycles for cross contamination concerns
Sound-abating enclosure with LED interior lighting
Cooling Carousel Tube Rack
2 Year Warranty


The three-in-one design of the DPS-20 allows the system to be used in any of the following automated configurations:

- Automated Ultrasonic Homogenizing System
- Automated Mechanical Homogenizing System
- Automated Mechanical and Ultrasonic Homogenizing System

This advanced system allows the maximum in choice and control to best support your processing needs. The DPS-20 merges the advantages of each homogenizing method to make it the optimum timesaving and flexible homogenizing system on the market. Mechanical or ultrasonic homogenizing can be used together or independently of each other. It leads to a faster and more efficient sample breakdown with minimal or no heat introduced, and more precise particle size reduction, all within a noise reducing enclosure. Its automation capability allows for repeat processing and consistent results, freeing up time for other work in the laboratory.

A high-performance brushless motor powers the mechanical homogenizer while the 130-watt ultrasonic processor delivers constant amplitude throughout processing.