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Examination couch CLASSIC is suggested for examination of patients at admissions or in ordinations, where a height adjustment of patient area is not required.

Powder coated steel frame
Patient area height 62 cm (optional height on demand)
Two-section patient area with adjustable back section and fixed leg section, both cushioned by sanitary leatherette
Back section adjustment by self-tightening clamp
Couch fitted with a sanitary paper roll holder – both-sided fastening
Optional wheels of diameter 100 mm
Face hole in the back section on request

Face hole

On request the backrest can be made with a hole for the face. In combination with the wide variability in positioning of the couch it becomes a great tool suitable for physiotherapy and physical examination.

Backrest positioning

The backrest can be easily adjusted by using self-locking mechanism in any position. Nursing staff and the paients themselves can easily set the desired tilt angle.

Foldable construction

CLASSIC couches can be folded for easy storage and transport in minutes without tools.