X-ray protective surgical gloves
XP/1, XP/2, XP/3

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X-ray protective surgical gloves X-ray protective surgical gloves - XP/1, XP/2, XP/3


  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective surgical gloves


Caution : These gloves are not designed for direct or primary x-ray beams. The aim of these gloves is to protect the hands from scattered secondary radiation exposure originating from the x-ray beam during fluoroscopic procedures.

These gloves are sold in packs of five pairs of identical size.

Use :
- The thinnest gloves, XP/1, are recommended for angiography, urology, hemodynamic and delicate surgery because they offer the maximum touch sensitivity.
- The XP/2 gloves of a standard thickness are recommended in urology, oncology, pace-maker fitting and general surgery.
- The thickest gloves XP/3 are recommended for traumatology in general.

Description :
Sterile multi-layer gloves composed of an external layer of Lead O2 and an internal layer of rubber in a solution of latex-free silicone benzoic thus avoiding direct contact of lead with the skin. Hypoallergenic gloves have the advantage of being protein free.
The manufacture in multi layers avoids the risk of micro-holes.
The glove is waterproof.