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general medicine minor surgery lamp / LED / halogen / examination chair-mounted
4.2 - 20 W | HL Series, LED Series



  • Applications:

    general medicine

  • Light source:

    LED, halogen

  • Configuration:

    examination chair-mounted

  • Other characteristics:


  • Intensity at 1 m:

    800 lx, 7,000 lx

  • Intensity at 0.5 m:

    3,300 lx, 25,000 lx


The Promotal medical lamp, a simple solution

The range of Promotal medical lamps was designed for the medical sector. Efficient and reliable, it facilitates your medical examination. Promotal medical lamps models are easy to use.

The 100cm length hose ensures a large range of motion. Easy to use, the medical lamp is available on many sofas and examination tables, gynaecological chairs, etc ...* Very convenient for the doctors, the lamp can also be fixed on wall support with the dedicated accessory

*A clamp and / or a lamp holder may be necessary depending on your medical furniture
The range of models of Promotal medical lamps:

The 20W Halogen lamp: This is a practical and economical medical standard. It is lightweight and ergonomic. It diffuses a yellow light characteristic of halogen technology, which ensures excellent colours perception. Convenient for occasional use.
The LED lamp 4W: Handy and precise, it is typically for routine examinations and deeds. LED technology is characterized by a diffusion of white cold light. It is the ideal solution for versatile doctor whose convenient gynecological examinations.
LED lamp 7W: More powerful and more comfortable, the 7W lamp will be more suited to the practice and acts of gynecology and dermatology. Ideal for regular use.

All these lamp models are also available without feet.