X-ray protective apron / X-ray protective skirt / front protection / rear protection



  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective apron, X-ray protective skirt

  • Protection:

    front protection, rear protection, side protection


The Vest-Skirt flexback combines the benefits of a 2-piece vest & skirt with the added elasticized support of the flexback apron; You control the amount of back support by adjusting the inner elasticized quick release belt. Each front panel of the vest has 0.50mm Pb, with a total of 1.0mm Pb on the overlap. Like the Vest-Skirt combo, the two piece design shifts 70% of the weight directly to the hips, reducing back fatigue. The skirt features a non-slip, quick release belt for added support. Double padded shoulders offer maximum comfort.The vest features two 0.50mm Pb panels that create a 1.0mm overlap. The Skirt features a no-slip, quick release belt for added support.