monitoring software module / management / visualization / reporting
e.dashboard Psyche Systems Corporation



  • Function:

    management, visualization, reporting, monitoring, billing

  • Application domain:

    medical, laboratory


This module provides a real-time laboratory management dashboard with custom productivity and performance reports and standard management reports. eDashboard allows managers to have a holistic view of the laboratory’s ‘health’ at any point in time.

Psyche’s e.dashboard is your lab’s solution to not only survive the recent changes and reductions in reimbursement, but to being able to succeed in the future economic environment. Our new eDashboard module empowers managers with the ability to view and manage their labs with a clear picture of their business from an operational perspective. Having access to key lab metrics at your fingertips and in a visually meaningful way, will arm you with the ability to make immediate decisions that will impact your bottom line. Being able to do so mid-process will increase your efficiency, throughput, and revenue significantly; now – not 30 days after the fact.

With e.dashboard, you will now have the means to implement an executive dashboard for real-time monitoring of daily performance, key metrics, throughput at the lab, test, cash level. The dashboard displays like a traffic light, for example, green means there is no need for intervention, yellow indicates caution – where intervention may be necessary to prevent an impact and red is for critical – where intervention is necessary for your lab to not be negatively impacted.