locoregional hyperthermia system

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locoregional hyperthermia system locoregional hyperthermia system - BSD-500
  • Locoregional hyperthermia system


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BSD-500 MICROWAVE HYPERTHERMIA SYSTEM is another tool in the line of palliative treatment for some forms of recurrent and progressive cancers . System can be used in combination with HDR branchy therapy. The BSD-500 has been designed for treating the subsurface and surface of tumors through superficial and interstitial techniques. Approved by the FDA the BSD 500 Hyperthermia System can be used alone or in unison with radiation therapy in the palliative care and management of certain sub surface and solid surface malignant tumors. (i.e., melanoma, adenocarcinoma, or sarcoma, squamous- or basal-cell carcinoma) which are recurrent or progressive even with conventional therapy.