multiparametric POC reader / lateral flow / portable / customizable



  • Applications:


  • Analysis mode:

    lateral flow

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, customizable


For processing, interpreting, and documenting rapid tests at the point of need
A portable reader customized to your needs
Unique, patented detection technology
PC software for flexible method development
Adaptable to most test cassette and dipstick formats
Can be used standalone, with PC software, or via a smartphone app
The ESE-Quant Lateral Flow Reader is a business-to-business solution based on next-generation technology that enables rapid tests at the point of need. This flexible and reliable system, based on a ready-to-use concept, enables you to develop fluorescence or colorimetric tests.

The ESEQuant Lateral Flow Reader is your solution for customized fluorescence or colorimetric tests at the point of need. Starter kits are immediately available and can be rapidly adapted to any test strip or cassette format. Together with the comprehensive developers' Lateral Flow Studio Software, you can develop next-generation lateral flow tests quickly and easily — in qualitative, semi-quantitative, or fully quantitative format.
Most importantly, you start your R&D work with a fully developed reader from serial production. This means that you save costs, speed up your R&D work, and shorten the time-to-market for your rapid tests. After the initial development phase, simply choose from a wide range of available accessories to make tests easier and safer for your customers. When you have decided on the instrument confguration, you can easily customize the design, workflow, and software according to your requirements.