fluorescence microscope light source / LED



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    for fluorescence microscopes

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wLS LED Light SourceLED Light Source for Easy Fluorescence ImagingThe wLS broad-band LED illumination unit is designed to provide a long-life alternative to traditional Mercury and Mercury Metal Halide fluorescence excitation sources. The broadband excitation covers common fluorophores, ranging from DAPI to Cy5, allowing existing filter cubes and protocols to remain in place. Unlike other broad-band LED solutions, the wLS provides rapid control over individual excitation LED wavebands (Ultraviolet, Blue and Green/Yellow/Red). This enables the use of multiband pass filters instead of individual filters, followed by slow mechanical filter changes during multi-label imaging.LED excitation provides many advantages over traditional fluorescence light sources, most notably eliminating one source of toxic Mercury from the lab. It also lowers operating cost with its 25,000 hour LED lifetime, which consumes 80% less energy.