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pharmaceutical isolator / drying / floor-standing / glove box



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, drying

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    glove box, stainless steel, vacuum


This integrated system provides controlled heating and vacuum cycling of pharmaceuticals in vacuum/nitrogen ovens.

The oven is rated for 200°C heating and includes a high-limit thermostat to protect against overheating that could cause sublimation in chemical drying applications. Vacuum control pump operation maintains the desired vacuum level (to 29.9" Hg).

Ravona Vacuum Dryer is probebly the most economical solution for air-sensitive substances and thermally instable products that require drying under controlled conditions in a dust-free vacuum atmosphere. The oven features enable the user to conduct curing and drying processes for a wide range of laboratory applications in pharmaceuticals API and other substances. With an advanced heating system the oven wall temperature can be set accurately cin 0.1°C increments whilst allowing a maximum operating temperature of up to 200°C.

Being integrated into the rear wall or side of Ravona glovebox/Isolator,The oven dryer is the perfect solution when sensitive materials have to be handled under inert conditions prior to or after the drying/curing process.

Built in oven temperature: Up to 200°C

Humidity: Subambient to 0%RH (± 2% RH)

Process Gas: N2/Argon.