radiography room radiation shielding panel



  • Use:

    for radiography rooms


Lead lining offering lead backed plasterboards or plywood to X-ray or CT rooms.

A range of High pressure lead bonded building materials for lead lining, including 12.5mm lead backed Plasterboard, lead backed Plywood and lead backed MDF. Commonly used to lead line and radiation shield Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows and Doors with in X-ray rooms, CT rooms and industrial radiation areas.

X-ray protective panels can be manufactured to suit your required dimensions up to a maximum of 3000 x 1200mm our standard sizes for wall boarding however are: 2000 x 600mm, 2400 x 600mm and 3000 x 600mm. Our Lead Lined Boards can be cut to any height.

Lead thicknesses can range from 1mm to 3.5mm. To achieve higher lead equivalences for greater radiation protection multiple layers can be used. All radiation boarding come complete with lead backed battens for fixing to solid walls or lead strips for fixing to timber battens that form a vertical joint in the lead lining to give maximum radiation protection. Panels may be single or double sided and plastic laminated (Ply / MDF) if a decorative finish is required.

All X-Ray protective sheet materials can be supplied supply only, or supplied and fitted by our own installation team.