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laboratory autoclave / veterinary / for research / saturated steam
AH-21 N2

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laboratory autoclave laboratory autoclave - AH-21 N2


  • Application domain:

    laboratory, veterinary, for research

  • Sterilization procedure:

    saturated steam

  • Configuration:

    benchtop, compact, horizontal

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, programmable, semi-automatic, stainless steel

  • Temperature range:

    Max.: 134 °C (273.2 °F)

    Min.: 100 °C (212 °F)

  • Capacity:

    21 l (5.5 gal)


The AH-N benchtop semiautomatic horizontal autoclaves cover the fundamental needs for general labware sterilization in many industries, educational and medical facilities and research institutes with the aim of increasing the productivity of the laboratory.

The AH-N autoclaves are intended for the sterilization of a wide range of liquid and solid materials such as culture media, glassware, plastics, metallic equipment, waste bags, and other laboratory items. These reliable workhorses for the general laboratory are designed for an easy operation and include many safety features to protect the users in their daily routine.

Intended use
N Class: Suitable to sterilize: culture media, glass, liquids, plastic, metallic elements, waste bags, etc.
Chamber case and lid made of AISI-316L stainless steel.
External case made of aluminum and iron EPOXI painted. Front panel made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
Controlled by microprocessor.
6 litres feeding water reservoir.
It includes RS232 connection to PC.
Selection for solids and liquids.
Connection to PC.
Control software (optional).
Programmable start up to 500 h.

Safety valve and thermostat, door blocking system while positive pressure exists in the chamber.
Open lid sensor.
Included accessories
Tray support for four trays.
Three stainless steel perforated trays. Ref. BAH-21.
Auxiliary tray.
A holding clamp.
1.5 m flexible tube to drain condensation reservoir.