leg pedal exerciser / seated
MOTOmed viva2

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leg pedal exerciser / seated leg pedal exerciser / seated - MOTOmed viva2


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The MOTOmed viva2 brings professional movement therapy to your home. The well-proven MOTOmed features are rounded up by detailed biofeedback, software controlled therapy programs, and motivation and training games. The display with the color-coded system and the large easy feel buttons made for a simple operation.
Individualized therapy

The MOTOmed viva2 offers a number of preassigned therapy programs from which you can select a suitable training flow. You can create an individual therapy program according to your needs. By this, the MOTOmed movement is consistently optimized and individualized.
Biofeedback and motivation

The MOTOmed viva2 provides a detailed (biofeedback) during the training and it enables you to train even more effectively. The exciting motivational training games increase the training success and are fun to play.