height-adjustable patient chair / reclining / with adjustable backrest / with legrest
Nele, Nele Classic



  • Features:

    reclining, on casters, with legrest, height-adjustable, with adjustable backrest



Unique: Infinite seat depth adjustment
Seat height adjustable and kantelbar
back adjustable
Removable back as standard
Optional seat depth reduction for all sizes

therapeutic benefit

Body function and structures:

Beck mobility whilst dorsal u. ventral securing the basin
maximum trunk and spinal mobility with optimum safety Beck
physiologically correct posture for different activities
reduces fatigue / positive impact on muscle tone
optional chest pad / Abductor for heavier children affected
Activities and Participation

Correction and support the seating position provide safety and comfort
Pathological positions and movement patterns are corrected gently, facilitates breathing and food intake
at various table heights or on own therapy table to participate in family meals and group games is made possible