cerebral lead introducer

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cerebral lead introducer cerebral lead introducer - neuroguide™


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neuroguideTM DBS electrode delivery system allows verification of expected deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrode position relative to targeted anatomy using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).What can the neuroguide™ system be used for?neuroguide™ can be integrated into your existing practice, used in combination with, or instead of, microelectrode recording. neuroguide™ enables you to opt for a DBS procedure with very precise lead placement accuracy and very efficient procedure times consistent with the best published results available.The neuroguide™ system is designed for use in deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedures to enable accurate placement of electrodes into the brain. It includes a radio-opaque stylette that can be used for perioperative verification using MRI.The system is compatible with both the Elekta AB Leksell® and the Integra Radionics CRW™ stereotactic frames.The neuroguide™ guide tube remains in place so you can deliver positional accuracy without having to repeat the full stereotactic procedure, saving time and money, whilst benefiting you and your patient.