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medical sealer / manual / benchtop
polystar® 244, 245

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medical sealer medical sealer - polystar® 244, 245


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Whether in dentists' or doctors' surgeries or on hospital wards... With polystar® table-top sealers 244 + 245 everything that has to be kept sterile, can be packed securely and independent of size: from the dental mirror to operating instruments - in see-through film rolls or pouches. Sealers are so easy to use.

Whether maxi or mini packs: Everything can be surgically sealed!

The 8mm wide sealing seam provides the best protection and prevents bacteria from penetrating into sterile packs. The sealing time can be preset and electronically controlled which guarantees consistent and safe sealing. Whether see-through film rolls or pouches, whether large or small, long or short: Enlarged by a plug-in work table, a cutter and an unrolling device, polystar® sterile film table-top sealers can be used for any purpose even with the most limited space.