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IHC sample preparation system / for histology / tissue / automated
BenchMark GX



  • Applications:

    IHC, for histology, tissue

  • Operation:


  • Preparation type:

    staining, ISH

  • Configuration:


  • Preparation format:

    for microscope slides


BenchMark GX instrument provides an option to expand test menu, process more slides, and boost turnaround times. It has easy to change transition system from manual or semi computerized staining systems to do the current IHC and ISH testing.

Key Features

Enhance staining quality: Enhance staining quality and consistency in a controlled, kinetically progress reaction environment.
Automate slide preparation: Automate any or all slide preparation steps, from baking through counterstaining.
Flexible options: Optimize your protocols with flexible options.
Increase slides: Increase your slides per hour doance up to 25%, and eliminate up to 80% of manual tasks

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