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automatic packaging machine / continuous / solids / liquid
Siebler HM 2



  • Operational mode:

    automatic, continuous

  • Product applications:

    solids, liquid

  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry


The strip packaging machines in the Romaco Siebler HM 2 series are suitable for a wide range of customer applications, for example for packing diagnostics, pharmaceutical liquids or flat, stable products. Even complex products such as test strips, BFS containers or pre-filled syringes can be processed fully automatically using the Romaco Siebler HM 2.

Benefits of the HM 2

Configuration tailored to customer requirements
Complex products processed fully automatically
Precision sealing system
Reproducible sealing parameters
Practically wear-free in continuous duty
Multiple-lane operation permits high output
Easy integration into packaging lines
Excellent value for money