X-ray protective apron / front protection / rear protection



  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective apron

  • Protection:

    front protection, rear protection


The Theatre Style Apron features a twin shoulder-clip design, which allows the apron to completely seperate into two halves. This is a great option for those who work in Theatre departments (hence the name!) as the apron can be removed whilst your hands are full or under sterile conditions. The twin-clips on the shoulders are designed to make the apron easier to remove from underneath sterile gowns, as you simply press both clips and the apron drops off. The apron is open at both sides to allow for ventilation, access to pockets and easy adjustment for a variety of body shapes.As all Rothband aprons are made to order we can offer a truly personalised gown to suit all your needs, from a choice of patterns, outer and inner colours and fastenings to added pockets or embroidery.Specification
Choice lead equivalence of 0.25mm, 0.35mm or 0.50mm
Choice core material of ‘Lightweight Lead’ or the ultra-light ‘Edge Bilayer Lead-Free’
Please refer to your Radiation Protection Advisor for advice on your particular usage
Manufactured using multiple thin layers of protective sheet for maximum flexibility and suppleness
Various easy-clean cover options including PU/PV solid colours, patterns, polyesters or anti-microbials
New fully bound comfort binding, in a choice of red, black or blue (we normally select the colour to match your apron, unless specified)
Padded shoulders for increased wearer comfort
Velcro or Buckles side fasteners to ensure a good level of side closure
Various personalisation options including colour flashes, screen printing, pockets or embroidery
All Rothband aprons conform to the new standard BS-EN 61331-1:2014
Peace of mind – 2 year warranty on all aprons!