X-ray radiation shielding curtain / ceiling-mounted



  • Ionizing radiation:


  • Ergonomics:



Manufactured by us, these Lead Curtains provide a method of separating patient bays in areas of mobile x-ray activity. They are available in 0.25mm Pb or 0.50mm Pb equivalent depending on your requirements (please consult your RPA for advice). Due to their weight, the curtains do not behave like the domestic version! The standard finish is grey with reinforced eyelets on the top edge.
Choice lead equivalence of 0.25mm Pb or 0.50mm Pb
Please refer to your Radiation Protection Advisor for advice on your particular usage
0.50mm Pb are more cumbersome and may not be needed
Features eyelets along a reinforced top edge
Do not behave like normal curtains due to their weight
Standard colour is Grey
120 x 200cm
0.25 Pb weigh approx 9kgs
0.50 Pb weigh approx 19kgs