automatic polarimeter / for the pharmaceutical industry / digital / with touchscreen



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    for the pharmaceutical industry

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    with touchscreen


The AUTOPOL III Polarimeter is Rudolph’s two wavelegnth Pharmaceutical and Research grade Automatic Digital Polarimeter. The Autopol III offers Dual Wavelengths and accuracy similar to Rudolph’s more advanced models, but with a simplified interface. Just place your cell in the sample chamber, press the Start Key and get 5 results in less than 25 seconds. It’s that easy.Autopol III Polarimeter Standard Features: Accuracy 0.002° Arc up to 1°, 0.2% above 1°, 0.01° Z(ISS) 589nm and 546nm wavelengths. (A total of 2-4 wavelengths may be ordered initially or as needed) Complete Accessory Package with IQOQPQ documentation, 2 user selectable sample cells, and 1 NIST traceable calibration standard with NIST certificate. Built in thermoprobe for temperature measurement. Temperature Probe is covered with a micron thick glass coating to stand up to high molar Hydrochloric Acids used by some pharmaceutical labs. Windows Embedded 7 for direct connection to the network server and flexible USB Printing.