nursing care training manikin / CPR / ECG / auscultation
M103 TOMOKO Plus



  • Procedure:

    nursing care, CPR, ECG, auscultation, breathing


TOMOKO Plus, a whole body nursing doll which you can set various Vital signs with.

Trainings such as Blood Pressure Measurement and Auscultation of Heart Sound that nurses do are possible.
Also, ”Noticing” and ” Thinking” can be learned which are essential for catching patient’s status.

Remaining the beauty of New TOMOKO, feelings facing for patients als

1.Starts up quickly just by turning ON the power . Display is clear with simple settings.
You can start training the moment that you turn the power ON from the special tablet. All training can be performed on the easy-to-use touch panel. There is absolutely no specialized equipment setup or complicated settings

2. Master the basics, covering 8 items in the physical assessment.
Features various symptoms that can be experienced in a medical setting, such as respiration and pupillary reflex. Facilitates training to ensure proper technique and accurate understanding of the patient’s conditions during the assessment.

Check respiratory rate
7 levels ranging from 10-40 breaths/min
ECGAuscultation of cardiac sounds
9 case examples 20 case examples
Learn pulse palpitation
12 levels ranging from 30-140 beats/min
Check breath soundsCheck pulse oximeter
12 case examples SpO2 80, 90 and 99%
Check pupillary reflex
4 typesBlood pressure measurement
Range covers 80-200 for the systolic phase
(upper) and 50-120 for the diastolic phase (lower )