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VisionTek Live



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    for histopathology

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For years, Sakura Finetek has been a partner to histopathology laboratories. Building on the success and principles of SMART Automation, Sakura has broadened her horizons, focusing on the pathologists. Bringing live routine microscopy to the new digital world, Sakura Finetek proudly introduces: The VisionTek live digital microscope, the first of its kind.

This high-end motorized, digital microscope captures real-time images, for live viewing and precise measurements, all within seconds. The live multi-view mode is perfect for complex cases, displaying multiple slides and stains on one screen. This not only optimizes the workflow, but can significantly decrease diagnostic time.

Live sharing of images has never been easier; the large, high-definition screen displays extensive details, which can be viewed alone or together. The snapshot option is a powerful tool for creating instant, high resolution pictures of single slide or multi-views, which can be used directly in presentations. The perfect digital solution for consulting or informing off-site colleagues.

The VisionTek is a live digital microscope including scanner capabilities, for scanning whole and partial slides. The pathologist now has complete control of the entire recording process.

You decide what, where and how to scan. The perfect diagnostic tool for the pathologist.