medical air compressor / for artificial ventilation / oil-free
A 40



  • Applications:

    medical, for artificial ventilation

  • Other characteristics:


  • Flow:

    300 l/min (79.25 us gal/min)


The air generated by the A40 compressor is suitable for use in intensive care ventilators, respiratory therapy devices, and anesthesia workstations. Thanks to its flexible use options, it is ideal for hospitals or outpatient centers without a centralized compressed air supply. The compressor is integrated in a trolley with a table top that accommodates the elisa edition and sonata respiratory therapy devices. The standard medical rails allow for the attachment of additional accessories such as a tube support arm. The A40 can be used as a main gas supply or as a back-up supply. If the central gas supply fails, the A40 starts up immediately and provides the necessary compressed air.
The low-noise compressor generates oil-free medical-grade air in accordance with the stringent requirements of the pharmacopeia.