electric patient lift / ceiling-mounted



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Very light, the Nomad® ceiling hoist can be unhooked and has a maximum charge capacity of 230kg or 255kg.

It is very easy to unhook and transport with its integrated handles. With a carefully thought structure and a pleasant design, its integrated suspension and intuitive remote control offer unmatched ease of use and comfort to the user.

Our rail systems gives a large number of possibilities in many different configurations : curves with different radius, up to 6.40m rails, interchanger, traverse system, crossings etc... The installation can be made in hospitals, or specialised institutions, and also at home.

In institutions, the Nomad® engine may be used in different rooms equipped with rails for transfers from the bed to a chair or to the bath.

At home, it is not necessary to install rails between 2 rooms, passing through doors is done with a simple and flexible hooking system with the patient still in the sling.

The rails are easily installed and can be used again if needed for another configuration.