CT scanner / for lower limb tomography
XtremeCT II

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CT scanner / for lower limb tomography CT scanner / for lower limb tomography - XtremeCT II


  • System:

    CT scanner

  • Application:

    for lower limb tomography


The XtremeCT II is the new generation high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT).

The XtremeCT II is designed to measure the bone density and to quantify the threedimensional microarchitecture of the bone at the distal tibia and radius of humans for clinical in vivo assessment of osteoporosis at an even higher precision and speed than its predecessor, the XtremeCT. New for the XtremeCT II is also the larger bore size which allows for in vivo measurements of the knee.

A low X-ray dose allows regular follow-up measurements and powerful true-3D evaluation software automatically matches cortical and trabecular bone regions to previous measurements for direct comparison of density and structure characteristics.