analysis software / management / 3D viewing / reporting



  • Function:

    analysis, management, 3D viewing, reporting, quality control, for archiving, scan, evaluation, import

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging


Scan, reconstruction, evaluation, visualization, back up, quality control, and archiving

SCANCO Medical microCT systems provide a software suite that offers a comprehensive solution for scanning, 3D analysis, visualization, image management and data import/export. Main features of this suite are:

Easy to operate user interfaces
Common database for all applications, ensuring integrity of data
64-bit implementation that supports analysis of huge data sets
Automated script processing for repeated tasks
User-defined scripts for customized evaluations
Flexible reporting of results for individual measurements or complete studies
Export to DICOM and other standard image formats
The standard suite can be extended to include a sophisticated, proven finite element analysis program.