cutting electrosurgical unit / surgical / radio frequency

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cutting electrosurgical unit / surgical / radio frequency cutting electrosurgical unit / surgical / radio frequency - АУЗХ-100


  • Features:


  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency

  • Cutting power:

    0 W

  • Coagulating power:

    0 W


Application. Purulent surgery thoracal and abdominal surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, combustiology, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology, military surgery. for treatment of purulo-necrotic and infectious inflammatory diseases of various localization.
Mode of operations.
«basic»,«select» provides ultrasonic action,
«aspiration» -aspiration of liquids,
«irrigation»- control of drug solution irrigation into the ultrasonic tool channel
Features of the units. Ability of using protective cover to protect tissues from contact with activated instrument during contactless operation. Acoustic nodes of ultrasonic units are reusable, sterilized by autoclaving. There are ultrasonic acoustic nodes and tools with internal irrigation canal that provide the ability to spray cavitated drug solution. Some acoustic nodes are with replaceable ultrasonic instruments of various configurations and destination, safe design of the acoustic node prevents the transmission of vibrations to the doctor's hands.
Working principles. Control unit generates an alternating electric current of ultrasonic frequency, and transfers it to piezoceramic elements of acoustic node. There an alternating electric current is transformed into reciprocating oscillatory movements of instruments-waveguides, by which contact and contactless action on biological tissue is made.