ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory / handheld / pulse wave analysis
BR-102 plus PWA



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    pulse wave analysis


SCHILLER presents the first solution that combines the non-invasive, cuff based precise auscultatoric and the reliable oscillometric measurement to generate a 24 hours profile of stiffness parameters like pulse wave velocity and central and peripheral blood pressures.
Based on individual arterial behavior, it is now possible to evaluate the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease and helps to prevent severe organ damage.
As an autonomic operating device, it perfectly integrates into ABPM routine - no specially trained operator is needed for PWA measurements.
SCHILLERs PWA algorithm is fully validated in several studies, including comparisons with the gold standard: invasive catheter measurements and thus recommended by the ESH/ESC in their guidelines.
Easy user interface with color display
Measurement on diastolic level for increased patient comfort
Up to 48 hours profile and not just spot measurements (tonometric method)
Includes the auscultatoric measurement which is much more reliable
Comprehensive validation studies
Fully integrated with the wide range of SCHILLER diagnostic products, with seamless connectivity to SEMA data management system and to HIS
Spot measurement

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