radiation shielding glass
RD 30

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radiation shielding glass radiation shielding glass - RD 30


Ensuring safety together in difficult situations

SCHOTT radiation shielding glass provides excellent protection against gamma and X-rays. When it comes to shielding from harmful radiation, no compromises are possible. This is why more and more customers in the fields of medicine, science, and industry are relying on radiation shielding glass from SCHOTT. Safety made in Germany.

SCHOTT is the only company in Germany that manufactures radiation shielding glass, and processes it directly in an expert manner.

SCHOTT supplies RD 30® in maximum dimensions in every geometric shape. A key feature of RD 30® is that it is the only monolithic X-ray shielding glass with 0.5 mm Pb*. Upon request, SCHOTT processes radiation shielding glasses into various versions.

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