endoscope light source / for stereo microscopes / for headlamps / LED
LEDgine 4



  • Applications:

    for endoscopes, for stereo microscopes, for headlamps

  • Light source:



The SCHOTT® LED light engine - LEDgine - platform has been specifically developed for most efficient coupling of LED light into small-size fiber optic bundles. This makes the SCHOTT LEDgine 4 optics module an excellent choice for medical applications, where smaller light guides with active diameters from 3.0 to 5.0 mm are commonly used.

Utilizing high brightness LEDs combined with an optimized optical focusing system the SCHOTT® LEDgine 4 optics module generates 750lm out of a typical SCHOTT® universal light guide at a medical suitable color temperature of 5700K and a typical CRI of 70. Customized versions with higher Color Rendering Indexes (CRI) as well as different color temperatures (CT) are available on request.