rotary endodontic file / root canal shaping / NiTi

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rotary endodontic file / root canal shaping / NiTi rotary endodontic file / root canal shaping / NiTi - 730069


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    root canal shaping

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Product information "Silk File, Set, 3 pcs"MANI-Silk Files are Endodontic instruments which enable you to enlarge the root canal by cutting the wall. The combination of the special treated material and its unique shape the Silk Files give you a great tactile feeling.MANI Silk is simple to learn, simple to use. As the name implies, MANI Silk was designed using state of the art heat treatment to give the user excellent tactile control, safety and efficiency. Mani Silk files are both flexible enough to negotiate virtually any curvature and yet strong enough to resist fracture.The system features instruments specifically designed for the canal anatomy treated in the form of simple, standard and complex packs with each pack containing 3 files, which are all used at 500 rpm and 300 g-cm.Such features empower general dentists to use MANI Silk to saving teeth that might otherwise be extracted and improving the quality of life for their patients all over the world.The MANI Silk Files are one of a kind file systems which combine the advantages of several systems in one. The unique cross-section tear drop design cuts very effective.Furthermore users experience a reduced „screw in effect“ which reduces risk of fracture to a minimum. The special design of the files offers you a fast and effective removal of debris which makes working with Silk Files a safe and fast experience.The patented partial heat treatment of the NiTi files combine flexibility, efficiency and safety. The system was optimized to reduce the number of files without sacrificing quality of your treatment.