whole body balneotherapy bathtub
medisun® Balneo 2000



  • Area of the body:

    whole body


medisun Balneo 2000 enables you to carry out balneo-phototherapy in a space and cost saving manner with low personnel and operating costs.medisun Balneo 2000 was developed specially for brine and PUVA-foil baths with subsequent UV radiation. The great advantage of the foil bath method is that the active substance or brine concentration can be changed from one patient to another. This makes faster changes between patients possible. No interim cleaning is required.How it works: The patient lies in the bath solution separated from the bath water by the foil (e.g. 5 liter brine or Meladinine solution). The pressure of the bath water from all sides ensures an even film of fluid on the patient’s body. Only one filling of the bath per day is required, because of the integrated bath heating.The bath water can be used for all patients one after another, since the patients have no skin contact with the water through the balneo-foil.The ergonomic bath form with extra flattened backrests and headrests and the large 250 liter volume allows for a complete covering of the patient’s body with the bathing screen and the bathing solution.