dermatologic phototherapy lamp / cabin-type / UV-B
medisun® 6311 ISO



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medisun® 6311 ISO sets a new high-end standard for the treatment of all UV sensitive skin diseases. The horizontal arrangement of the UVB-311 nm lamps in connection with the individual computer control of individual groups of lamps allows for a dosage accuracy, safety and high operating comfort which have not existed up till now. This highly accurate dosage procedure is called Isodosage. The Isodosage was developed by us in collaboration with the Skin Clinic of the University of Cologne and was tested successfully for many years.

medisun 6311 ISO allows for comfortable treatment while sitting without having to do without the excellent dosage precision. An innovative software algorithm factors in the special distances of the parts of the skin to the UV source. This is of particular benefit for older patients or patients with physical disabilities.